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About Bettereye

At Bettereye, we leverage the capabilities of computer vision (a branch of artificial intelligence) to allow camera systems to decipher the world like humans do, helping humans to identify and protect, faster and better. Simply put, Bettereye applications make sense of footage captured by cameras using cutting edge AI technology to increase productivity and generate awareness for their users. We perform actions like:


Smart Home Security Software

  • Human Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Loitering Detection
  • Time Alerts for Mobile Devices.

Smart Retail Software

  • Face Counting
  • People Counting
  • Face Detection
  • Gender Identification
  • Analytics

Home Automation Software

  • Face Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Pet Detection
  • Packages Detection
  • Real time alerts

Smart City Software

  • Vehicle detection
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Crowd Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • Filth Detections

Bettereye Software

Bettereye smarter-vision detector

The Bettereye Smarter-Vision Detector is a Security/CCTV application that is able to intelligently identify objects as a human would. After detection, it sends images to its Receptor which can be as common as an Android Phone. These notifications are sent to the user in real time, ultimately alerting views in real time before the real harm is done. Download Software for free trial.

NB: The Detector can be customized to identify a multitude of targets such as people, vehicles, and weapons. Click here to see other things the detector can do.

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Bettereye smarter-vision receptor

The receptor is simply an android application.It communicates with the detector on the same local network.When the detector sees a human figure it sends the image to the receptor . The receptor then raises a notification to create awareness. Also from the receptor the user can watch the recorded video of the person . In this way , the user does not constantly fix his eyes on a screen watching manually for intruders. Also there is way less false positives .And as the detector is in the form of a software , the detection model can be trained to suit your requirements.Get it on playstore for free.

Parts of the detector

The Detector's built in AI allows us to identify only what it is tasked to view. Also, since the recordings are segmented, it is easier to identify a target while an event is happening See more.


Multiple weapons detection

For maximum security instances, Bettereye Smarter-Vision can be made to detect people with harmful objects with maximum accurancy. Real time notifications provide prevention and detection across the network.


Mask detection

Implementation of High Accuracy Detection Methods can detect idividuals with face coverings and masks against non mask wearing people. Smart-Detector has an accuracy rate of 95%.

People detection

Implementation of Smart-People Tracking can identify a shopping mall full of people through Deep Learning Algorithms

People Counting

implementation of a human counting system in a mall

Vehicle detections

Implimentation of Smarter-Detector for vehicals.

Vehicle counting

Implementation of a vehicle counting system

Weapon detection

Implementation of a model which detects arms

Face detections

Detect uses facial recognition AI to identify and track.

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